Club Information

Brief history of the club

Up to 1977 existed two Greek clubs with mytilinian background, was “Arion “ and “Pittakos”.

Then in 1977 both of the clubs came together and renamed “Arion-Pittakos” as one club.

In 1984 was the year that the mytilinians bought the farm at 26 Waldheim road Bayswater where is located till today and since then got the name “Palesviaki Enosis Melbourne & Victoria” or as we are today “Lesvos Culture Club” of Melbourne and Victoria.

The club maintains female group and elderly peoples group.

Presidents of the club:

  • 1983-84 Laletas Nicholaos
  • 1984-85 Piperias Dimitrios
  • 1985-89 Iatropoulos Efstathios
  • 1989 Thallaselis Steve
  • 1990 Tsakos Michael
  • 1990-92 Karageorgiou Christos
  • 1992-94 Argyriou Marios
  • 1994-97 Tremoulas Nicholaos
  • 1997-2000 Giaramanis Stavros
  • 2000 Karantonis George
  • 2001 Giakoumis Costas
  • 2001-03 Ververis Nicholaos
  • 2003-09 Staurinos George
  • 2009-11 Demetriou Peter
  • 2011-13 Staurinos George
  • 2013-15 Karanikolas John
  • 2015-… Katsianos Stan

Events of the club

  • Independence of the Lesvos Island 1912 memoration October
  • New Year’s Eve dance December
  • Ouzo festival summer
  • And few others through the year in co-operation with the female and elderly members of our club and are in relation with some traditional celebrations or events original coming from the island of Lesvos
  • Ouzo festival is happening annual since 1995 and is based on the original ouzo festival that takes place in summer time through the whole island of Lesvos.

Club members

Everyone is welcome to join our club, but only people from the island of Lesvos, or background of the island, first, second, third generation or married/related to a person of the Lesvos island, have the right to attend our AGMS or General Meetings and vote for decisions or board.

Our meetings taking place monthly, unless we have events or emergencies which they have to be address earlier.