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Up to 1977 existed two Greek clubs with mytilinian background, was “Arion “ and “Pittakos”. Then in 1977 both of the clubs came together and renamed “Arion-Pittakos” as one club.
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Club Members

Everyone is welcome to join our club, but only people from the island of Lesvos, or background of the island, first, second, third generation or married/related to a person of the Lesvos island, have the right to attend our AGMS or General Meetings and vote for decisions or board.
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Club Meetings

Our club has a process taking place monthly, unless we have events or emergencies which they have to be address earlier. All members will be notified in advance as to dates and times for meetings with an agenda sent on request.
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Club Sponsors

The Lesvos Cultural Club is proud to showcase their loyal sponsors and their brands. If you have an interest in getting involved and providing sponsorship, please contact any of our Committee Members
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A guide to the Island of Lesvos including sights and history
Welcome to the Lesvos Culture Club proudly showcasing Lesvos

We’d like to welcome you to isle of Lesvos, a verdant isle that stands apart from everywhere else in the world, even other Greek Islands. Lesvos is one of the largest of the Grecian isles, beat out only by Evia and Crete. A secret hide-away, Lesvos doesn’t have the same rush of tourism that has corroded the pure cultural experiences of the other islands, turning them into little more than amusement parks. If you’re looking to find the real Greece, rich with the food, culture, and history of its ancestors, then Lesvos has it all.

History is rich here in Lesvos, with castles in the hillsides and beautiful harbors and beaches with stories reaching back into time, and traditional villages nestled deep in the hills of the inner island.
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