(brief Editorial)

Lesvos Culture Club ( palesviaki enosis Melbourne & Victoria)

Established in 1952 from mytilinian Greek newcomers to Melbourne.

The passion and love for their heritage and island of Lesvos, brought them together and created the club with ultimate goal to sustain, maintain and establish the tradition and connection with the island.

Establishing their presence by purchasing a beautiful piece of land at 26 Waldheim rd Bayswater in dd-mm  -yyyy and since then on a yearly basis a lot of functions and activities taking place, with major event of the year the “ouzo festival”, which attracts hundreds of people with background not only from Lesvos.

Lesvos Culture Club is from the few greek clubs globally that they continue with second and third generation of members.

Our main vision is to maintain the connection with our roots for the years to come and pass that passion of our heritage and history with all our traditions to the new generations.

Our ultimate goal is to bring all the people that come or their background comes from the island of Lesvos together and connect them close to our beautiful island.