Lesvos Island

We’d like to welcome you to isle of Lesvos, a verdant isle that stands apart from everywhere else in the world, even other Greek Islands. Lesvos is one of the largest of the Grecian isles, beat out only by Evia and Crete. A secret hide-away, Lesvos doesn’t have the same rush of tourism that has corroded the pure cultural experiences of the other islands, turning them into little more than amusement parks. If you’re looking to find the real Greece, rich with the food, culture, and history of its ancestors, then Lesvos has it all.

History is rich here in Lesvos, with castles in the hillsides and beautiful harbors and beaches with stories reaching back into time, and traditional villages nestled deep in the hills of the inner island. There are two art museums that appeal to every taste and preserve some of the most stunning pieces of Grecian Art History. For the gourmand there is the rich culinary history that one can find in family-owned cafés throughout the waterfronts, and seafood restaurants with that unique Grecian flair and a flavor you can only find on an island that prides itself on its agriculture.

If you love nature, then Lesvos is going to be an absolute paradise for you. Lesvos is home to some of the world’s greatest award-winning beaches, and is renowned for its diverse wildlife, being home to more birds and wildflowers than any other country in Europe. You can travel by donkey, horseback, jeep, on foot, or even enjoy the many bike trails the countryside has available. It doesn’t just stop with the land either, scuba-diving and snorkeling can reveal some of the world’s most abundant waters to you, and there are amazing stops all over the island best reached by water, so you may consider chartering a yacht while you’re here.

While you’re out enjoying the majestic pine forests and countryside, be sure to stop by the Petrified Forest, and one of the islands many hot springs. All over the world people travel here to take part in their purported healing effects, using them to ease rheumatism, dermatological issues, bronchitis, sciatica, and much more. Those who have dipped their toes claim they perform miracles!

This is Lesvos, renowned for its history, its poets and musicians, and a rich history of Grecian philosophy. If this island isn’t on your ‘bucket list’ it’s time to get it there, and check it off. Come to Lesvos, jewel of the Grecian Isles.